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Event outline

※From Friday, November 25, we will send the notification of the lottery result sequentially.

Event Name

Kyoto Marathon 2012


City of Kyoto, Kyoto Athletic Association


Kyoto City Gymnastics Association


Kyoto Marathon Executive Committee


Kyoto Athletic Association

Management Cooperation

Kyoto Sports Association for the Disabled, Kyoto City Sports Instructors Board, Kyoto Medical Association, Kyoto Runners, The Kyoto City Liaison Council of Local Women's Societies

Special Supporting Organizations / Sponsors

OMRON Corporation, Wacoal corp.

Cooperating Organizations / Sponsors

Meiji Co., Ltd., Photocreate Co.,Ltd, Kinki Nippon Tourist Co., Ltd., Dole Japan, Ltd.

  1. Marathon (42.195km) 1Registered Athletes 2General 3Pair-Ekiden
  2. Wheelchair Race (about 6km)
Date and Time

March 11, 2012 (Sunday)
  8 : 25 Wheelchair race start
  8 : 30 Marathon (including pair-Ekiden) start
14 : 30 Marathon (including pair-Ekiden) finish

Number of Participants
  1. Marathon: 15,000 runners (including pair-Ekiden: 100 pairs, 200 runners)
  2. Wheelchair race: Up to 20 athletes
Time Limits

Marathon (including pair-Ekiden) 6 hours

  1. 1 Time limits will be indicated with a signal gun
  2. 2 Race officials will strictly enforce cut-off times at each checkpoint. This is dictated by a limited time permitted for traffic control. Additionally, race officials will enforce disqualifications based upon security and event operations.
Race course
  1. Marathon (Including pair-Ekiden)
    Course starts at Nishikyogoku Athletic Park and finishes in front of Heian Shrine. Japan Association of Athletics Federations,International Association of Athletics Federations.
    • There will be a relay point in front of Kyoto International Conference Center for the pair- Ekiden.
  2. Wheelchair Race
    Nishikyogoku Athletic Park to Arashiyama
Race rules

Following the rules of The Japan Association of Athletic Federation for 2011and the regulations of this competition.

  1. Marathon
    1Males and females : Awards to the first 8 runners
    2Males and females by age groups (every 10 years) : Awards to the first 3 runners
    • There are no awards for pair-Ekiden
  2. Wheelchair race
    Awards to the first 3 runners
Qualification for Participation
  1. Marathon
    Applicants must have been born before April 1, 1993. (in Heisei 5).
    1Registered Athletes : Athletes who have registered with Japan Association of Athletics Federations
    2General : Runners who have not registered with Japan Association of Athletics Federations
    3Pair-Ekiden : Runners who have not registered with Japan Association of Athletics Federations
    Including those nomitated for the race by the event officials, applicants must be able to complete the race within 5 hours and 40 minutes.
    Participation by wheelchair is not permitted.
  2. Wheelchair race
    You have to be a registered wheelchair user, March 11th 2012 and have a certified physical disability by the order of clause 15 of Physically Disabled Persons Welfare Act (Law 283 issued in 1949) and nominated by Kyoto Sports Association for the Disabled and accepted by organizer.
Entry fee
  1. Marathon
    Domestic : ¥10,500  Overseas : ¥12,500
    Pair-Ekiden : 2 people for one team : ¥16,000
  2. Wheelchair race : ¥2,000
    • This fee includes a ¥500 donation for the Great East Japan Earthquake reconstruction support.
    More donations are welcomed in ¥500 units.
    • Overseas : all applicants who enter from the English site
    • Pair-Ekiden, Wheelchair race are not available from in the english site
Entry Application

By internet or postal transfer. Entry applications will be accepted from late August of 2011.

  • In the case of oversubscription competitors will be chosen by lottery.

Allocation of racing numbers.
March 9, 2012, Friday : 10:30-19:00 (approximately)
March 10, 2012, Saturday : 10:30-19:00 (approximately)

  • No check-in will be accepted on the day of the race.
  • Personal ID will be required at reception. Substitution is not permitted.

Place: MIYAKO-MESSE (Kyoto International Exhibition Hall)

  1. A charity for the Great East Japan Earthquake reconstruction support will be run.
  2. In the case of event cancellation caused for any reason beyond the organizer's control, the entry fee will not be refunded.
  3. Only the registered applicant is eligible to compete in the race. Substitutions are not permitted.
  4. The wearing of unusual attire (such as costumes) by race participants is prohibited.The carrying or exhibition of advertising, trademarks or company names is not permitted.
  5. Application forms will be available from mid-August in 2011.

Translation: Kyoto Career College of Foreign Languages

From Friday, November 25, we will send the notification of the lottery result sequentially.

Regarding the application of Kyoto Marathon 2012, we will send the notification of the lottery result for all applicants by e-mail from Friday, November 25.
As the result, this notification has been delayed for one month from later October.
We apologize profusely again for this inconvenience and a great concern of your entry.